Real estate as we know it is a good business, one can do very well and be set for life if you strike ‘a golden property’. Selling properties legally in Jamaica however, can be achieved by taking some procedures into cognizance. You need to successfully complete a 108 hour pre licensing salesman’s course at the real estate training institute. You have an option of part-time or full time.

Background check: You will need 3 reference letters from either of the following (Justice of Peace, Minister of Religion, Medical practitioner, Head of school, Civil Servant at the senior management level, Police Officer, Bank Manager, or Active Real Estate dealer).
Police report
Bankruptcy clearance report
Proof of address
Employment letter by the dealer by which you will be employed and licensed
You will also need to submit an application to the Real Estate board, after which you will attend an interview session. The application form is available on the Real Estate Board’s website. Upon a successful interview session, you may start selling!

You should know that there are a few exceptions. For instance, in the case where a qualified applicant, applied to register as a dealer, but he or she is not Jamaican, the Real estate board may issue a provisional registration letter. However, registration and licensing will not be approved without the provision of a work permit by the said applicant. There are some guidelines that will help you as a salesman:
Salesmen must advise the Real Estate Board, should there be any changes in their employment status or personal information which includes dormancy. Salesmen should under no circumstance, practice without a valid license.

If you wish to register as a salesman, your application must be received by the Real Estate Board no later than a week to each board meeting. (Board meetings do not hold in August and December).

Also a little advice for prospective Jamaican Salesmen. You will be working and living in another man’s country, most likely as an immigrant. It will do you good to stay out of trouble, shady deals or deals that can place you under suspicion. The rules that apply where you find yourself, are subject to the laws of the land, and you will be wise to abide by them.

Here is a list of requirements for registering as an authentic Jamaican real estate sales man